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Why do you need a Commercial Appraisal?
  • Help prospective sellers determine acceptable selling prices

  • Help prospective buyers determine a reasonable offering price

  • Estate and Date of Death tax purposes

  • Help determining the feasibility of a construction or renovation program

  • For tax assessments

  • For appeals of tax assessments

  • Helping with business dissolution

  • Determining gift or inheritance taxes

  • Estimating the liqudation value for forced-sale auction proceedings

What is classified as a Commercial Property?

There are six types of commercial properties:

  • Multi-family buildings of 5 or more units

    • Apartment buildings, condos, etc

  • Office Buildings

    • Class A, Class B and Class C​

  • Retail

    • Shopping centers, restaurants, etc​

  • Industrial

    • Warehouses, manufacturing and assembly​

  • Special Purpose

    • Storage, churches, parks, etc

  • Hotels


We offer appraisal services to all of Southern California, including:

  • Los Angeles County

  • Orange County

  • Riverside County

  • San Bernadino County

  • San Diego County

Live outside of these counties, or do you live in another state? Please reach out to us, we have an extensive network of appraisers to service your needs.

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